Spacious Storage Units for All Your Personal Items

Our Unit Sizes

Dimensions Sq. Ft Equivalent Size
5' x 5'25Hall closet
5' x 10'50Walk-in closet
10' x 10'100Average size bedroom
10' x 15'150Large bedroom
10' x 20'200One-car garage

Non Climate-Controlled

Drive-Through (Double-Door) Units

Dimensions Sq. Ft Equivalent Size
10' x 30'300Extra-large garage
10' x 35'350 
12' x 30'360Small shop
A long row of storage units on the side of a road.
A hallway with many doors and windows in it

Non Climate-Controlled

5' x 10'

10' x 10'

10 ' x 15'

10' x 20'

10' x 25'


5' x 5'

5' x 10'

10' x 10'

10' x 15'

10' x 20'

15' x 15'

Packing Tips

At Access Storage, we encourage you to store your items properly. Maximize your storage unit by following our space-saving techniques.

When boxes are only partially full or if they are already bulging with items, they may collapse or tip over when stored. To avoid this, you should fill boxes up to their maximum capacity.

Organizing your belongings properly allows you to find things much easier. By labeling your cartons and goods, you will not have to waste any time getting the item you need.

Putting a 2’ x 3’ pallet or grid on the floor of your unit allows for better air circulation under your goods. When placing these on the floor, make sure to leave a walkway or aisle toward the rear of the unit so that you can still reach your items.

Pack your books flat to protect their spines and place heavier items at the bottom. It is also better to use smaller boxes to avoid having cartons that are too heavy to move.

Glass items should be wrapped individually with blank paper for optimal storage safety. One useful packing technique is nesting cups and bowls as well as standing plates and platters.

Fill any air pockets in the container with wrapping paper or foam peanuts. Do not put breakables underneath other boxes to avoid damaging your items.

It is important to wrap glass items properly to prevent breakage. Store them on their edges, not flat on the ground, to ensure that it won’t accidentally get stepped on.

Pack lamp shades separate from their stands and use blank paper to wrap them. Blank paper prevents any damage or staining from the ink on regular newsprint.

To save more space in your unit, you should stand sofas and mattresses on their ends. You should also disassemble beds and tables, making sure to wrap the legs in wrapping paper.

Keeping upholstery off the floor prevents it from getting dirty. You may also place loose and light plastic dust covers or sheets over your furniture.

You should clean your appliances thoroughly before keeping them in a storage unit. Always remember to do the following:

  • Defrost refrigerators and freezers
  • Completely drain washing and drying machines
  • Take apart lawn mowers and snowblowers and drain them of fuel
  • Remove the doors of your appliances and store them separately
  • Use desiccants or other drying agents
  • Regularly check and empty containers

Wiping a few drops of oil on bicycles and tools can help prevent rusting. Make sure to store these items away from furniture to avoid any oil staining.

Using wardrobe boxes is useful when you want to store your clothing on hangers. Shoes can also be stored at the bottom of these boxes. For folded clothing, you may store these in smaller containers or dresser drawers.

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